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Language. Iceberg Heads & Chinese Restaurants.

we speak different.

What triggers this? A rejection
Ooh, snap! What did you do? I was thinking of a series of things that lead to this idea I see can be so big someone could pull off. Too excited, too quick I dropped it on his plate. Didn’t mean for the sauce to splatter all over him.
You never had to learn this before? I have. But I just realized this isn’t standard Hindi I knew, this is Sanskrit. More complex, more protected. You try to speak it without learning its tradition, you get punished.
Sounds like you found an iceberg. Your ship got rocked! Yes.
Whose iceberg did you crack last? My own.

New iceberg. Uh huh.

I like that. Yea, me too.

I know you do. Shut up.


“What is design?” We would get asked on the first day of product design class. The conclusion is always this: that design is all around us. In things we read, information, in things we touch, objects, and in things we need to appreciate through non-tangible senses such as music, art, and food. Even as humans. We design ourselves. We make the choices we make, making choices is design. We choose the clothes we wear, we choose our friends, we choose the place we live in, every choice we make, is a process of design. We design ourselves as well as our own surroundings. That said, humans are individual pieces of design work. But Design is a designer’s word. Not a people’s word. I had to rephrase. Design is a language. If Design is a language, then every single human being has its own personal language.


Some languages are easier to learn than others. Spanish is relatively easy in comparison to Chinese. You can even tell from their restaurant environments. Try going into a Chinese restaurant. Unless drunk, and visited past 3am, you will notice at how unwillingly inconvenienced (generally speaking) its staffs are. You get seated quick, demanded to order pretty quick, eat even quicker, so they can kick you out for the next waiting customer (if busy. usually when cheap, it’s busy). But, you do want to eat there. So you have to harden up and live with it. You try to protest, you will start an argument, you still insist, you will get kicked out. Getting blacklisted is possible.

Then, when you give the restaurant more frequent visits and get familiarised with the staff (not pushing), only then cold greetings can turn into small smiles, then into small chats, then you start to know their spouses and childrens’ names by heart, the next thing you know? The Chinese are not as nasty as you thought they’d be, and he is serving you beer, right now, inside a teapot, past the legal serving hour. I mean.. You’d still be able to bribe any Chinese into breaking the law as long as you have extra cash. But here, he’s giving you that beer for free, past the legal serving hour. Because he likes you.

Not any more different than people.

*I am Chinese. I reserve all rights to talk about my own people in any way I want.