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And.. it’s on. Hello, Jakarta!

“You’ve got the place, I’ve got the food. Why don’t we do something?” That’s what I proposed to Justina, the founder of Poste, 10 days ago. This was after I had fed her the lasagne off the menu to taste and pitched the event off with so much confidence.

Today? After a span of 8-hour continuous-nerve-eating of 3 white bread slices (UNBELIEVABLE), some Godiva & See’s Candies chocolates (OUTRAGEOUS), watermelon, palm fruit, and many more other edibles later, I realised.. I had never, EVER, worked behind a kitchen that feeds the mass before.. And I’ll be bringing myself to feed 80-100+ people (with anticipations, expectations, and judgements) in about 5 days. What on earth was I thinking?

“Hey.. Uh.. Should I be nervous? Will it be crazy? In the kitchen?” (sick face icon)

waiting. waiting.

“I’ll be there.”

what does that mean?


but.. ‘she’ll be there to help you.’


“So far, I’m seeing somebody who is a natural.” J reassured.

oh pffsshh.. I’m not (blush of the century).

I am?

I am.




Right. Enough of self-inflicted conversations. I need to head over to Poste now to test 2 beverages we decided to pop in the last minute: Iced Orange Earl Grey Tea & LeLi Squash.

And.. Marie Claire just called. They may want to do a August spread on raw food. I meet them tomorrow.

Too much.


Adora Svitak

She blew me away.

Tiramisu for Cancer

I pooled a list of names of potential tasters a few days before I made the tiramisu. I had a candidate whom I thought would be an easy target in being turned into a raw food addict. then I remembered a promise I made to myself last week. I had to summon courage in seeing my grandfather, a dying cancer patient, by the end of this week.

Since late 2009, he had been in and out of the hospital for numerous organ failures. Grandpa was fed pills, after pills, after pills of medicines that I deemed pointless. They made him no better and only weaker by the day. What angered me even more was the fact that the family had fear played against them to keep hospitalised patients where they are.

“You can take him home, but there are these risks…” Of course. The fearful them listened to avoiding those risks.

He couldn’t eat solid foods during the time and was fed milk. MILK. According to them, milk was a necessary feed for the nutritional values it contained. I’m not going to argue over milk nutrition, but the milk also contained lactose Grandpa couldn’t digest, which, like any lactose intolerant sufferers would react with an upset stomach, it gave him an upset stomach; hardly mobile enough to bring himself to the bathroom, he soiled the bed. I cannot imagine the state of revulsion he had to go through against his own self.

By that time, I tried to reason with my anger by trying to educate my aunts and uncles in giving natural healing a shot, and take him out of the hospital environment. His condition was probably too late for any miracle curing, but the least we could do for him was maximise his level of comfort. They nodded, seemingly wanting to believe; but who am I to them standing against educated doctors, designed drugs, and life-sustaining machines? Just a 23-year old girl hardly qualified enough to know anything about dying. I knew that all too well. So I had to take matters into my own hands if I wanted to help. I instructed my mom to buy some green coconuts to feed him coconut water the next day. I wasn’t there to supervise the feeding for I had work, but Mom reported back and said we weren’t allowed to feed him such food. Grandpa was again, fed milk. At lowered dosage.

That was it. The time when I had sworn and wished to every God of this universe and other galaxies for the worst disasters to befall that very hospital, alongside with its doctors and nurses. Burn it to the ground, whatever. I haven’t stepped in or made any more efforts in Grandpa visits since. Frustration, too much of it. I had a voice, and no one was open-minded enough to hear it. So I stopped fighting for the lost battle. This was early February. Grandpa had been hospitalised a number of times again since, and I still refused to see him. I may have appeared like the inconsiderate granddaughter to everyone, but I couldn’t care less. No one would understand. Not in that room.

Time passed, and time did patch up my resentments. I made the promise last week to see him by this week. There was just one problem: I’m not very good of a conversationalist with the elderly in my family; our perceptions of the world are on totally different pages. Worse. Try different books. And of different languages. And to stare Death right in the eye with nothing to say from my end is unimaginable. So there, yesterday, I stared at the tiramisu I just freshly chilled and decided to bring it to Grandpa. “Sorry, Candidate A. Another believer would’ve been nice for my achievement. But this will save my conversation dry spell. I’ll have a story to tell.”

I went. I found him lying in bed with no strength to be able to sit himself up. Cancer has spread to his spine. He put a strong smile and repeatedly told me that he is well, and that he’s 80% healed. He doesn’t know it’s cancer eating his life. Nor does Grandma. Their children kept the knowledge away from them. Decided it is best for he would have lost his life spirit a long time ago.

I told him the great story behind my tiramisu; that unlike other cakes, he can eat this one like a meal. For breakfast, lunch, or dinner because it’s made up of just good stuff. Not even refined sugars.

Grandpa and Grandma were both impressed and wore the biggest smiles I haven’t seen in months.


Birthday trip to Gilis in motion. And finally Alaska put together 9 months later.


i want to go back here..

Happy Birthday

Balancing more than a few life components is a tough, full time job. The long blogging had to be put to a halt because I’d faced the computer screen for enough hours of every day, and because of the computer screen overload, I needed to spare more time away from the screen. Like going out to see the things pictured below, document them, and share them.

I decided to escape the city for Gili islands off Lombok, for my 24th age turning. 4 days, 4 very starry nights, snorkling, hammock-swinging, too much cycling, SPF top-uppings, sunsets, sunrises, clear-water blue-ocean, lots of pancakes, lots of fruit plates, lots of fruit juices, open showers, bungalow cottages,  traumatised from what could be described as the most horrifyingly, painful shock of my life in the open water: being kissed by a jellyfish, and apart from learning the sad fact that I carry an especially tasty body-full tank of mosquito food, it was very much a wonderful getaway. And that is how I birthday the 2010.

More photos here.


Q got its raw honey. yeah.

Earlier this week I started asking maybe too many questions to my boss about the raw materials our company gets. Luckily (I think) she finds herself nice enough and knowledgeable enough to share what she knows and put me through names who are heads of the departments. I added a list of people on the company internal chat program and presented them a hungry brain.

The next day, the vanilla expert woman whom I had been speaking on chat with, came to the office with 2 sample bags of whole vanilla beans (oh my God), fermented cacao beans, and 2 mini amber bottles of raw honey. I spent a great deal of time inhaling the bag of vanilla beans.

The foreseen release of this line of raw food ingredients was planned for the coming year, but it looks like everything is falling into place much sooner than anticipated. I spent half a day designing the 5 product labels I’m quite happy with, and calling the brand.. *drumroll*..


The photograph of chinese shot glasses was of 4 raw honey contenders from which I were to make a selection that will be the filler of Q’s raw honey. I had them chilled before tasting and testing its consistency, partly because they’re tastier cold (to me); another reason being is because sweetness dissipates on the palate the colder the food is, and my feeling tells me they are going to be used quite plentiful in chilled desserts.

I did pick a winner. It’s not one I would necessarily call a favourite, but it was the most sweet and neutral tasting. As a sweetening ingredient, I find the neutral qualities more appealing to work with and I believe they would yield more successful dishes. The other honeys each had its own distinct taste that originate from the single type of flora the bees had been collecting their nectar from, which still tasted pretty darn interestingly good.

Which label comic is your favourite?