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What would you ask for?

If everything you ever had were taken away from you; your money, your career, your house, and your family, and the guarantee of their return is indefinite—it can be soon, a while, or never, and God had offered to create one thing to keep you company—if it were money you wanted, he will give you the money of the world; if it were a house, he will give you a mansion, if it were career, he will give you a dream job, if it were an animal, he will give you one animal of your chosen species and breed, if it were a person, he will give you a human being of your chosen gender, life-stage, and relationship; from a child, to a friend, to a soul-mate.

What would you ask for?


Adora Svitak

She blew me away.

Friend X

Paco, Anais' pug son.

Anais, friend X from dreams burn but in ashes are gold, part III wrote to me:

I am completely 100% cured. The reason? No therapy! Massive amounts of therapy and people telling me why I was the way I was, made me more nervous and more anxious. In turn, I let it go – I started loving myself – doing things on my own – being more responsible for myself – telling myself no matter what I’m here for you (in my own mind). Then the funniest thing happened: I got stuck in an elevator at a hospital when I went to visit my friend who’d delivered a new baby. I wasn’t just stuck – i was literally walled in – there were only 2 cm’s of space btwn the floor and the wall I was stuck in and facing when I looked up. I felt at first that I couldn’t breathe but then slowly i told myself: see, you’re in the worst situation you ever imagined and you’re not dead, you’re not in pain, sure you’re a little nervous and want to throw up – but try n calm yourself down. So I DID just that – I told myself be calm – i kept pressing the ER button and eventually someone came in and told me to wait five mins for them to get the key to adjust the doors. And so they did – I was out in 10 mins – 10 mins that had made me realise, life is too short to worry – if things are meant to happen they’ll happen but in the process I don’t want to be in fear. I don’t want to be held back because of myself.

As a result – I go in every elevator now – even dinky ones that def need some maintenance. We don’t have the subway but I’ll get into tight spaces and not be scared, I’ll park underground, I’ll go out into fields in the desert where tehre’s no one around to rescue me. And honestly – all I feel is…freedom 🙂
love you x

I had to put up the dog. I miss that crazy little ____.


Cork vs. Screw-cap

wine capping war

Interesting found of David Rosengarten’s opinion on cork vs. screw cap on wine bottles. Corks can actually spoil wines. Screw cap, don’t. A lot of us, either uneducated or stuck in the old romance of corking a wine bottle prefer the corks, yes? You can read more on the full article here: Here.


Sick no more. Maybe just once.

On being sick: I do miss being sick from time to time.

For the times I want to go out on a weekday for example. I realised this when last Wednesday (Wednesdays seem to be the popular mid-week breaker) someone said to me “come out. Just call in sick. It works.” No it doesn’t work. Not for me. Everyone knows by now in the workplace I’m pretty much immune to illnesses. I babble it out too often. I did come out. And I also hungovered throughout Thursday at work. Horrible.

Then, there’s that opportunity to get babied and cared for when you’re sick. Just being plain helpless and vulnerable, which feels nice when suddenly everyone is being overly caring and so nice to you when you’re sick. I can’t get that attention anymore.  But what do you know, the time I saddened over this fact in December, I ate bad sashimi and gave myself food poisoning in Singapore (proof of why raw animal meats and fish are not promoted food type in raw food. They are prone to viruses and bacteria.) I jinxed it. To worsen the story, I did not get babied nor cared for by anyone. I resided alone at my cousin’s and had to fake my health throughout the whole week for I was (somewhat) assisting Matthew Kenney in his teaser shooting. Want more? The second night we dined as a group, they had chosen a Japanese restaurant. “I told them you like fish.” Matthew said. I did like fish. I loved raw fish. But not at that moment. I developed a taste aversion already, but hello? Dom likes fish and we’re in a Japanese restaurant. Of course, a big miniature-boat full of sashimi is a mandatory must!

Can you imagine my state of near-vomiting?

I kept the whole week’s suffering to myself. Didn’t want to cause unnecessary concerns. Especially not in the one week opportunity of watching Matthew Kenney in action. Eat his work plates. I never had as hard of time force eating in my whole life. Anything I put in my mouth wanted to come back out immediately in streams. It did get better after the 2nd/3rd day thankfully.

I didn’t take any medication. It’s about au naturale options now. Drank loads of coconut water. Ate loads of papayas. Made one experimental mistake: I ate cheese. Thinking ‘clever’ I wondered, ‘if food poisoning leaves bad bacteria in my system, then.. technically I can eat good bacteria to fight them, no?’ Good guys in to combat the bad guys out, in theory should work.



The war didn’t last 30 minutes and they’re out again. My face over the toilet . Bad bacs triumphed.

Be careful of what you wish for.

Amino Acid vs Protein

Over a period of time, I grew away from red meats. I’m not anti it. My eating is at most times, for function, yes, but I still have a very much hedonistic approach to food of any culinary type. And for me to sacrifice temporary shut downs to run digestions (sleepi/heaviness) what I eat has to be worth it. Tony Romas’ succulent baby back ribs, for example. Or a blob of pan seared foie gras (i developed an aversion for a short period of time upon learning how foie gras farming works, but it won me over again. They’re just too good for my liking). They’re celebration food for me though. I have them no more than once in every blue moon.

I thought I’d bring the topic of protein very concisely since it’s the most raised question aimed at vegetarian/vegan eaters: “where do you get your protein from?”

It’s a great misconception (or lack of marketing) (or too regulated marketing of the red meats industry) that protein generates from its own form, ‘protein’, only contained in meat. Protein is composed of chains of amino acids, or in other words, the building blocks of protein. What that means is, whilst consuming protein will require breaking down, amino acids are already broken down for you. And that does you a big favor in digestibility and absorption.

Rich sources of amino acids are not only in meat protein forms, they’re in leafy greens, legumes, and grains. More on this to come in next post!


Vanilla extracts: Alcohol vs Alcohol-free

There seems to be an ongoing fixation on alcohol-free vanilla extract in the raw food world. To one aspect of it, I can understand the approach to a sense of ‘purism’ of it, though, I find it somewhat over-emphasised and exaggerated, causing people to fanatically searching out of their way for it with very little understanding. So let me share with you what I have learnt from Rully, a lovely vanilla-expert-lady from the company I work for, whom I have been endlessly consulting (or annoying her) with, in choosing superior vanilla bean types for Q’s extracts and whole beans.

The development of alcohol-free vanilla extracts is really for those who cannot or do not wish to tolerate alcohol into their diets (i.e. halal labeling purposes). Alcoholic vanilla extracts do not mean they are inferior to alcohol-free ones; on the contrary, they are far more superior in terms of the extraction process as well as being the best carrier substance for its aroma.

Both versions undergo the same initial process of extraction using alcohol; water based solution in the extraction process is sometimes used for certain ingredients, however, using water solution on vanilla to extract it is almost as good as wasting it (kind of like..  having purchased a new clothing item and get it ruined the first time you wear it out. It’s heartbreaking). Where the processes of the two kinds differ, is in the finishing step. To make the extract alcohol free, a solution of propelyne glycol (or sometimes glycerol) is added. Then, there you have it.

The drawback in alcohol-free vanilla extract is the loss of its aroma. Try smelling the two together if you ever get the chance to, and you’ll notice the big difference.

So unless you really must (or wish), there is no real value in using an alcohol-free extract.

And if you really think about the servings of it..

Standard alcohol content in vanilla extracts: 35%

1 teaspoon = 5 ml = (*0.35) = 1.75ml of alcohol

1 tablespoon = 15ml = (*0.35) = 5.25ml of alcohol

Will you really be affected?