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Pole Dancing

The moment I watched pole dancing girls strut their stuff on YouTube videos, I swore myself to owning one of those shiny metals and teach myself the same thing one day. This was a couple years back, I think; and I didn’t get my first pole until December 2008. I couldn’t stand watching the videos again until I got my pole. My muscles would twitch watching it and I’d get upset for not being able to do them.

I had always fascinated and respected dance since teenhood. I was never admitted to ballet, gymnastics, or any other sorts of dance training. I begged my mother, but was never let. I never asked why. They did cover the expense for my endless experimentation in the music department though—piano, guitar, violin, singing, none of which I stuck to. Perhaps they just got tired spending for my lavish unprogressive hobbies and decided to put it into a halt by the time I wanted to dance. I never insisted because I knew I had a bad resume.

When I got my pole, I was in London. I planned to spend the whole week on it before I flew off to Jakarta. I couldn’t do much after five minutes. Literally. You are relying on solely your arm strengths to elevate every pound of your body weight. Madness, I thought. By the end of that week, I only lasted for 10-15 minutes —with a lot of huffing and puffing breaks in between of every twirl.

The next few months were stressful time moving and readjusting my life. In May 2009, I finally had the pole up again and so began my brutal YouTube self-teaching. The bruises, the scraped skin, the pain, the falls, the strains, the cramps.. All I could focus on were the successful pulls of new moves should I just persevere a little longer. The joy.. Oh! The joy of adding a new move to my pole dictionary is beyond anything I can ever feel. I’m guessing it’d be similar to winning a lottery.


  1. You’re truly incredible Dom! I loved watching your video, keep up the awesome work.

    • Karen
    • October 16th, 2009

    What a beautiful set up you have! I love the window and the sunlight!

  2. Oh my gosh!! Im am so impressed! I wish I could do anything near that! 🙂

    • Mika H.
    • August 17th, 2010

    just saw this and though about you.

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