More Than a Quarter

More Than a Quarter was initially planned as a part deux to go with the raw food book. It’s supposed to be a compilation of deciphered life experiences in the more or less, first quarter part of my life. If 40-50 age years are considered mid-life crisis, then 20-25 years would be quarter-life crisis. I’m picking up the sense that too many people overlook this period. Too many people skip this stage of life by fast-living it without pausing and questioning enough. Too many people, especially women, surround themselves with round-the-clock troop of friends for comfort, to share things with, and for advise. The worst. ADVISE. Too many people are giving too instructive of advise that eventually mobilise the desperate seeker into acting out ‘the advise’ that is not theirs. And usually, the advise never takes them to the peaceful ending they were looking for. There are too many people who live with a big lack of selves. I cannot explain this too lengthy here, hopefully the future upcoming posts for this section will be able to.

As time went by, and as I collected more experiences, they are summing up to be a lot bigger than I expected. I’m not done collecting for the first part of it and they’re already going to overrule the food book, if put together. They need their own place, so here is where they will home temporarily.

It seems irrelevant in content to food, yes. But it shared a common denominator: Food. I know it seems like an overstated declaration I point out too often, but it’s the annoying truth. In the ‘old’ life, I was stuck in the lows for the most part, leaving me very little to be on the highs. I was distracted off living by the need for naps, the need to rest when I’m sick, and sick I was too often, more naps, bad days, bad hair days, part time partying, all night catching deadlines, and every day bad-eating followed by lots of food comas and lots of zzzzs.

Sleepy? Coffee. Hungry, quick fix? Chocolate bar. Hungry, want junk? McDonalds/Burger King/KFC Bucket. Hungry, want meal? Full house naan/curries/rice. Drunk, hungry? Let’s go Chinatown, people.

“wa woo yu lye to o-da miss?”
“sam-baa-ap-see-fan (some barely cooked runny egg over crispy pork & duck over rice), One. Deep fried spicy black pepper squid, one. Peking duck, half? Guys? Half-a-duck or whole-duck? Whole. Hot and sour soup, one.”
“chinese tea, please”

You get the picture. It was a good life. I loved every minute eating my life away. There was nothing wrong with it, I was a perfectly healthy young woman apart from the fact that I overworked myself in exercise to neutralise my uncontrollable eating. Pyschologically, I was a stream of continuous stress. “Great, I’m fat again. Time to hit the gym” Weight lost then at it again. “I’m thin. Let’s feast!” Food and fitness ruled my life. ‘Moderation’ was a missing word in my dictionary. I know a lot of people can relate to this. I wasn’t the only one.

Post-week of my conversion (oh yes. It was as good as baptism. I was in a new cult, for Pete’s sake!), the order of my pyramid started to slowly re-shuffle itself. The ruling changed. Living ruled. New food fueled it, not betray it. I like to say, I live more than the average people. Faster and more of it. I have no time left for down time. Sleep? puh. Who needs it? (you still need it. just less.) If i were working as an investment banker? Believe me when I say I can double-triple my income in this kind of state.

Unfortunately and fortunately, I’m not left-brained enough to be in banking to use up my extras. Instead, I become the very good gamer of my own life. No game overs. Just passing stage after stage of crushing things that cannot kill me. Save the princess, eat the apples, ride the dinos, jump over the cracks. It’s SO MUCH FUN. I learned how to recycle every bad into good. I accepted bads as natural occurrences and that you need them as foundation for a better good. This attitude is much simpler to attain when you’re better physically. Logic. I have to quote what Matthew Kenney said over a talk in describing the raw food community, that it really is “a very positive world”.

And that is the reason behind my addiction, and I just love abusing it. Never endingly.


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