Sick no more. Maybe just once.

On being sick: I do miss being sick from time to time.

For the times I want to go out on a weekday for example. I realised this when last Wednesday (Wednesdays seem to be the popular mid-week breaker) someone said to me “come out. Just call in sick. It works.” No it doesn’t work. Not for me. Everyone knows by now in the workplace I’m pretty much immune to illnesses. I babble it out too often. I did come out. And I also hungovered throughout Thursday at work. Horrible.

Then, there’s that opportunity to get babied and cared for when you’re sick. Just being plain helpless and vulnerable, which feels nice when suddenly everyone is being overly caring and so nice to you when you’re sick. I can’t get that attention anymore.  But what do you know, the time I saddened over this fact in December, I ate bad sashimi and gave myself food poisoning in Singapore (proof of why raw animal meats and fish are not promoted food type in raw food. They are prone to viruses and bacteria.) I jinxed it. To worsen the story, I did not get babied nor cared for by anyone. I resided alone at my cousin’s and had to fake my health throughout the whole week for I was (somewhat) assisting Matthew Kenney in his teaser shooting. Want more? The second night we dined as a group, they had chosen a Japanese restaurant. “I told them you like fish.” Matthew said. I did like fish. I loved raw fish. But not at that moment. I developed a taste aversion already, but hello? Dom likes fish and we’re in a Japanese restaurant. Of course, a big miniature-boat full of sashimi is a mandatory must!

Can you imagine my state of near-vomiting?

I kept the whole week’s suffering to myself. Didn’t want to cause unnecessary concerns. Especially not in the one week opportunity of watching Matthew Kenney in action. Eat his work plates. I never had as hard of time force eating in my whole life. Anything I put in my mouth wanted to come back out immediately in streams. It did get better after the 2nd/3rd day thankfully.

I didn’t take any medication. It’s about au naturale options now. Drank loads of coconut water. Ate loads of papayas. Made one experimental mistake: I ate cheese. Thinking ‘clever’ I wondered, ‘if food poisoning leaves bad bacteria in my system, then.. technically I can eat good bacteria to fight them, no?’ Good guys in to combat the bad guys out, in theory should work.



The war didn’t last 30 minutes and they’re out again. My face over the toilet . Bad bacs triumphed.

Be careful of what you wish for.

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