Amino Acid vs Protein

Over a period of time, I grew away from red meats. I’m not anti it. My eating is at most times, for function, yes, but I still have a very much hedonistic approach to food of any culinary type. And for me to sacrifice temporary shut downs to run digestions (sleepi/heaviness) what I eat has to be worth it. Tony Romas’ succulent baby back ribs, for example. Or a blob of pan seared foie gras (i developed an aversion for a short period of time upon learning how foie gras farming works, but it won me over again. They’re just too good for my liking). They’re celebration food for me though. I have them no more than once in every blue moon.

I thought I’d bring the topic of protein very concisely since it’s the most raised question aimed at vegetarian/vegan eaters: “where do you get your protein from?”

It’s a great misconception (or lack of marketing) (or too regulated marketing of the red meats industry) that protein generates from its own form, ‘protein’, only contained in meat. Protein is composed of chains of amino acids, or in other words, the building blocks of protein. What that means is, whilst consuming protein will require breaking down, amino acids are already broken down for you. And that does you a big favor in digestibility and absorption.

Rich sources of amino acids are not only in meat protein forms, they’re in leafy greens, legumes, and grains. More on this to come in next post!


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