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Happy Birthday

Balancing more than a few life components is a tough, full time job. The long blogging had to be put to a halt because I’d faced the computer screen for enough hours of every day, and because of the computer screen overload, I needed to spare more time away from the screen. Like going out to see the things pictured below, document them, and share them.

I decided to escape the city for Gili islands off Lombok, for my 24th age turning. 4 days, 4 very starry nights, snorkling, hammock-swinging, too much cycling, SPF top-uppings, sunsets, sunrises, clear-water blue-ocean, lots of pancakes, lots of fruit plates, lots of fruit juices, open showers, bungalow cottages,  traumatised from what could be described as the most horrifyingly, painful shock of my life in the open water: being kissed by a jellyfish, and apart from learning the sad fact that I carry an especially tasty body-full tank of mosquito food, it was very much a wonderful getaway. And that is how I birthday the 2010.

More photos here.