Q got its raw honey. yeah.

Earlier this week I started asking maybe too many questions to my boss about the raw materials our company gets. Luckily (I think) she finds herself nice enough and knowledgeable enough to share what she knows and put me through names who are heads of the departments. I added a list of people on the company internal chat program and presented them a hungry brain.

The next day, the vanilla expert woman whom I had been speaking on chat with, came to the office with 2 sample bags of whole vanilla beans (oh my God), fermented cacao beans, and 2 mini amber bottles of raw honey. I spent a great deal of time inhaling the bag of vanilla beans.

The foreseen release of this line of raw food ingredients was planned for the coming year, but it looks like everything is falling into place much sooner than anticipated. I spent half a day designing the 5 product labels I’m quite happy with, and calling the brand.. *drumroll*..


The photograph of chinese shot glasses was of 4 raw honey contenders from which I were to make a selection that will be the filler of Q’s raw honey. I had them chilled before tasting and testing its consistency, partly because they’re tastier cold (to me); another reason being is because sweetness dissipates on the palate the colder the food is, and my feeling tells me they are going to be used quite plentiful in chilled desserts.

I did pick a winner. It’s not one I would necessarily call a favourite, but it was the most sweet and neutral tasting. As a sweetening ingredient, I find the neutral qualities more appealing to work with and I believe they would yield more successful dishes. The other honeys each had its own distinct taste that originate from the single type of flora the bees had been collecting their nectar from, which still tasted pretty darn interestingly good.

Which label comic is your favourite?

    • PeeeeeJaaaayDubya
    • February 14th, 2010

    I think this (and you) are kinda awesome! Some hardcore proudness goin’ on ’round Westminster ways xxxxx

  1. CUTEST LABELS EVER! I think my favourite would have to be a tie between the raw honey and the coconut oil though the cacao powder comes in as a close second (third?).

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