Vanilla. This is real dedication.

too lazy to sketch and scan.

Yesterday.. Sunday.. My usually favourite day of the week—and usually my favourite day to work, turned bitter-sour right before dinner hours when I encountered a puzzling last drop of vanilla and another entire bottle of the alcohol-free version gone. Gone (which by the way, I hunted half around and across the world to have only found one). Gone off the face of my kitchen.


The only logical suspect.

My face, hot. My heart, ached. IT ACHED. I pictured the unadulterated expression of a passionate, too excited, inexperienced and not a very good baker, generously pouring stream after stream of my precious pressed vanilla juice—which, had been pre-selected oh, so very carefully by my judgement of quality, and attained not locally, but thousands of miles worth of ardent search through traveled journeys to organic stores, reading labels, and carefully packing them for the air freight home—to be used frugally in recipe testing and occasional special food making; not for absentminded baking that resulted in burnt rimmed cookies unfailingly out of every batch.

What I felt must have been similar to that of a vintage wine collector who came home to find his rebellious teenage child drinking the wine that is of the same age of that teenager’s, and probably drunk to strike a purposeless winning tally in response to their earlier argument.

I fee-fi-fo-fum around the house looking for my target. She was taking her shower and I began my angry symphony from the other side of the door. And then, I fee-fi-fo-fum to my room to finish my panting. And then, I cried.

I don’t remember the last time I felt as much pain. And.. over bottles of vanilla extracts? Not even boy problems can get me this upset. Ever.

It all sounds a little (or much) extreme. But behind the story, I was in the middle of assembling a near-success raw red velvet cake that now tastes like aspartame-vanilla using a $0.40 per bottle costing of vanilla.. CRYSTALS (?!?!?) that lied around the house. Secondly, it’s not easy to commercially find quality extracts as the awareness and demand for such things are very low. And if I were to find one, I will feel so unjustified in making the purchase for its inflated price.

To close my rants, I am half embarrassed to admit that the company I now work for has in abundance, great vanilla extracts.


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