Satiation. Cracked.

Written during yet another traffic-sit, yesterday:

What I have been telling people: “No, that’s what you think—but really raw foods are so much satiating than cooked foods in filling you up. The natural sugars and fats contained in raw foods aren’t going to put you on a painful train of endless ‘Once you pop, you can’t stop’ food binge the way Oreos and Pringles would do to you. No. Unless you like to pick on food and unconsciously eat on auto pilot mode like I do—hungry or not—you will find that raw foods are satiating.”

I take a breath, and then.. “Although.. I must say, you do get hungry much more frequently and thus eating more frequently. It’s because raw foods digest so quickly they pass through your systems in no time.”

That was my guess. Might have been true. Might not. Point is.. I do feel that hunger pangs a lot, especially when my diet is fruit-plenty. I am satiated in one sense, but its length never lasted.

What happened today? Well, more last night. I facebook stalked those who kept their life digitally updated and there listed Anthony‘s delightful self-discovery of breaking through a long-lasting satiation. What he shared:

3 raw high quality eggs, 1/2 cup of grass fed cream
1 vanilla bean, pinch of sea salt
And honey to taste.
Blend in vitamix and sip away

It’s been 6 hours and i’m still totally satified.
I had a banana and an apple for breakfast two days ago and had hunger pangs all morning till lunch. Why’s that?

And to save rewording my response,  I commented:

wah! im going to give that a try. ive started working now and the fruits and vegs are not satisfying to go throughout the day with. even fat is not enough. i remember i watched a food myth busting documentary where they put 3 people to the test on length of satiation. tested foods: fat high, protein high, and carb high. protein won the longest satiation. go figure. im giving raw eggs a go in the morning.

So off I tried this morning with my own version of this eggnogish drink:

2 eggs
½ cup skimmed milk
dash of vanilla extract
dash of nutmeg
dash of cinnamon
1.5 teaspoons of palm sugar syrup (batch i made the night before)

blender whizzed all ingredients, poured into a drinking bottle and slow-drank it on my way to work. It was a yummy concoction. But I couldn’t help myself mentally gagging when the raw eggs are pictured. It’s ok though, I just need to get used to it. The same way I got over the repulsive ideas of eating chicken feet in Chinese dim sums, acquired the taste of natto (Japanese fermented soybeans, I used to call them rotten soybeans) and whale sperm sacks. Yeah. For real. Whale sperm. I lied about needing to learn its enjoyment though, I had no problem with the visuals at any point. I just wanted to include it here just because it’s one of those weird things worth sharing.

Verdict? I concurred the claim. No hunger pangs throughout the day. I survived the next 11 hours with a pomegranate, mini papaya, and a whole young coconut. Usually not. I probably could have gone on without them. But I know me, my mouth is a tasting junkie. It refuses to go long without being fed edible flavours and textures.

Oh, and I must add I did consume 2 mini Lindt chocolate squares, half a mini butter bun, half a banana (leftover from last night, yes I only ate half banana and refrigerated the rest), and a  teaspoon of yogurt before I headed out with my eggnog. Oh! And a tiny slice of opera cake at the office, baked by boss. It was good opera cake.

Tinion & minions of everything. Taste-greedy mouth.

Sure I don’t think I can handle raw eggs for every day of the week. Will experiment with spirulina/chlorella/banana smoothies in the morning for they are rich in core builds of protein, amino acids. And then.. maybe will give shots of raw eggs and spirulina a go. Scary.

  1. hi There!

    Quick question: How do you make palm sugar syrup?


    • Not so quick answer: I’ll do a post on how to make it sometime soon. So, drop by from to time.

  2. YES Dom!!!!

    Get some cream or half and half in there! Don’t be scared of the fat! You’re looking amazing and can afford to experiment! Hehehe

    keep this up, because you and me a
    have similar issues with food and the high liquid fat breakfast has totally saved me.


    • I’m not afraid of fat. I LOVE FAT. The cream just wasn’t around and handy, will give it a try next though.

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