Happy belated Christmas, new year, and hello again.

unleashing the designer in me once again

Another long MIA and here I am new year entered, new job taken, new hair styled, new ideas dreamt, new blogging ways—of less frequent posting unfortunately. My new job at a natural ingredient company is keeping me at bay 12 hours a day (commuting through traffic + work), 5 days a week. That leaves another 12—6 for sleeping, 1 to get up and get ready, 1 for pole dancing (trying to do this at around 5am before I go to work, let’s see how long the determination will last, shall we?), and the remaining 4 to do just everything else I have on the side and to prove a point to life—like.. taking a shower, squeezing out whiteheads and blackheads, and work on the continuation of my book and recipe developing. Crap. I still need to fit in a bit of yoga in there. Maybe 90 minutes every 2 days at night.

As of now, I’m writing this post in my car, stuck in the amidst of ridiculous traffic making my way home. But my new sexy-cool-blue Samsung netbook I bought pre-Christmas time as a gift to myself in Singapore is making the whole typing in traffic a nice experience and feeling important while at it. Oh.. My week in Singapore.. Speaking of which, I was arranged to meet with Matthew Kenney by the so kind Anthony Anderson who introduced us via the wonderful world of email. I cannot disclose much of Kenney’s activities because it’s none of my business to—but I can confirm, as witness, the truth to his entitlement being The World’s Most Worshipped Raw Food Chef. And a wonderful person all around. I’m hoping I’d drive some positive cashflow to my bank account sometime soon and send myself to his 105 degrees academy.

I’ve been driven to and picked up from work by the driver for the past couple of days (thus my ability to type this during a private-vehicled journey.) Though, I did attempt to self-drive myself on the first day of work, one-way successful and returned a disaster. It was the most terrifying 20 minutes of my entire liven life. I had tried to outsmart traffic by driving through alleyways, shortcutting. For the first few minutes, I was prepared to laugh at the stupid people who were willing to sit through traffic out in the main roads. A few more minutes into the maze, I made a left turn and find myself driving 100m straight into a wall. I had reached a dead end. Simple enough, I can just reverse out right? Wrong. I could not reverse the car out of the turn. It wasn’t happening. Nada. Nope. I was stuck. F. SH. F. SH.

I spent a good 10-minutes hopelessly reversing and forwarding. I was near to tears. Panicked. My blood felt like it had dropped temperature to abnormal coolness. It was getting dark. I wanted to call home and ask someone to send someone to get me, but I had no idea where I was. This place was not born with a name. Their existence were never officially registered. Even if this place had a name, outsiders wouldn’t know how to get here nor was I knowledgeable to give them directions.

I almost gave up to life (it was extremely dramatic), until a boy about my age came to my rescue. He must have been watching the buttocks of my car peeking in and out trying to reverse out. I rolled both of the front windows down and cooperated with the boy in getting me out of there. It took, god knows how long, of reversing and forwarding by the inch before my panic eventually eased out. I did leave a dent on the front bumper of the car during the process, but I couldnt care less. I honestly would have been happy to make deeper and many more dents out of desperation to get out. Minutes later, I did it. I made it. Phew. I gave the boy some money, which he refused at the beginning. But I insisted. Kind boy that one, I tell you.

Anyway. I’m now closer to home and will close this entry here. Will attempt to make buckwheat crackers when I get home. And.. palm sugar syrup.

Until next time.


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