House of Hope

I requested a friend under a self-assigned pressure a few weeks back if I could drop a visit to House of Hope (an english name it goes by) to give an introductory presentation and a raw food demo. House of Hope is an orphanage situated about 40 minutes outside Jakarta that had been financially funded and in side, run by his (the friend) family. It was a compulsive act, but I was determined to bring myself out of the comfort bubble and start tallying up my public appearances so without over thinking, I picked up the phone and dialed.. no.. I blackberry messenger’ed him sorry, and allot the commitment.

I chose House of Hope because, I have always had dwelled on a ‘problem’ of the expansion of raw food awareness. I drew an inkling of notion that it had been a movement of.. or targeted to those who are able to financially afford the lifestyle and learning of its knowledge, not so much for the under privileged; or at least, one is still yet to be spurred by the thought of actually bringing the introduction into fruition within that sector of audience.

Raw food had gained its followers from the healing of terminal illnesses, reaped benefits of boundless energy, mental clarity, and proven overall health and well-being. Yet, the efforts to raise its awareness I find, often end on the road block of published raw ‘uncook’ books and pay-in courses. What happens to those who are not lavished with such accessibility? Hospital after hospital, medical research after research in quest for a cure that had already existed in the fringe of knowledge but kept isolated like a secret unless someone stumbles upon it by a pull of luck and be able to further the feed of their new interest by paying up for the new hobby. Sure, I admit that the movement is fighting back a lot of skepticism in its concept being as a lifestyle, let alone planting faith in its concept of healing to be recognized. I speculate it is because it has been perceived as no more than just a diet, weight loss tool, or other skin-deep motives. For some people it’s a tough shell to crack. I’m still battling a number of people in my life who now call me anorexic, and ridicule my choice of eating. In fact, I was just celebrated last week for allowing myself to eat a plate of baby back ribs and one girl was particularly ecstatic for I finally eat something ‘normal’ to her definition. In truth, I still eat whatever I want. It is only that most of the time I want raw, and at that time around I wanted the ribs. There is never a restraint.

I accept the fact that it is an idea that will to take some time to sink in. It’s only natural in the sea of modern dieted bodies, so I will not linger on this subject for too long. I just hope I can lead by being a by-product example because words can only get so far until one experiences the claims to self-prove.

Going back to House of Hope. It was the first time after 11 long years of not speaking the Indonesian language, I had to make the 1800 switch back to deliver my introduction to 46 kids. All worries aside, the day ended much more successful than I had anticipated. I carefully fabricated a recipe so simple it could not possibly have left any room for mistakes: a batch of dessert truffles made out of apples, dates, and shredded coconut coating. I sampled one and left the rest in their hands. Job done.

More photos here.


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