Sorry, I have been MIA


I’ve been MIA for the past couple of weeks, I know. What I have humbly learned so far in the book writing experience is that.. COMPOSING A BOOK IS A LOT HARDER THAN I THOUGHT. Everything jumbled all over the place. I wrote in several writing styles, indecisive. Ideas came back and forth, in, then out, then in again, and it’s out. I had gone off topics quite plenty too. I would get carried away emotionally and suddenly find traces of hostility in the paragraphs. They will be edited out, don’t worry.  It had been a very confusing one week and a half up until a few days ago, a friend suggested mind mapping it all out and just go crazy with bubbles of ideas. I reopened the mind mapping software I had installed on my computer, double clicked floating boxes, typing words in, and voila. It’s a now a neat and organized web of thoughts. Still a first draft but it’s finally getting somewhere.


  1. Step it up girl :p

    No one said being a raw goddess was easy

    • it’s not, indeed. but i’m still determined. send me some energy my way.

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