Oops I did it again..

the aftermath

Another entry diary of my conflicted eating. I did it again. I initially had plans to buy some cucumbers and young coconuts to eat/drink  for lunch. Off I was on the way to the grocer from yoga and father called insisting me to go home first so the driver can take my two dogs to the salon. Lunch plan changed, that’s ok.. Or not. I started with half a mango, then it tasted good dipped in the guacamole I made yesterday. Finished the guacamole. I took out my cashew garlic gravy and pine ricotta cheese just to test if the mango would go just as well with them. Gravy was alright, not so much the ricotta. Had a few more mango+garlic gravy bites. Closed the lids and put them aside. I want something sweeter now. Pomelo! On the way to the fridge, my eye caught sight of the prawn crackers. UGH. Fine. Ate one. Two. Three. Enough. Ooh, what is that, almond crackers. I’ll have some of that too. Oh, what’s that tupperware of biscuits next to it? I opened the lid, smelled it. Coconut. Nice. Ate one. Back to the Pomelo. Ate the pomelo. I then eyed the housemaid who was cutting up papaya for my little brother. I started salivating over the papaya. So I took the remaining half of the quite-big papaya. Cut a slice widthway. Ate it. Want more. Another slice. And then another. I looked at the remaining end of the papaya. Ah, what the heck. I might as well finish it. I scooped out the meat clean off the papaya bowl. I stared at the damage while pressing one hand on my firm, filled up stomach. Realizing what I’d just done, again. I unbuttoned my denim shorts so my belly can have some space.

I may be raw, but I’m still a battling overeater.


  1. I know what you mean. So am I — an overeater, even though I’m raw. I think I’m getting better, though. Instead of stuffing myself three times a day, I have now reduced it to once a day at dinner. Still struggling with that. I suppose I still can’t shake the habit of needing to feel very full to signal the end of the day, like “ahhh, I’m done so now I can veg out in front of the TV”….

    • I do think overeating presents a whole different problem, be it raw or non raw. Though, I do believe that raw food is far more satiating that non. Processed are lubricated with sugar and fat that just.. slides down your throat and leave you wanting more. It’s one of those things that you can’t explain, I guess. Even in this book I’m reading written by David Kessler, there’s no quantitative measures that can explain the addictivity of food, only comparable studies that rely on the subjects’ feeling so to speak.

      I actually try to reduce big meals at night and rather splurge before 7pm. I wake up lighter the next day. 3-6pm for me is the worst. I would hunt the kitchen like no other.

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