A Raw Story Book

my kitchen desk

I decided I’d break the news to the world that I’m writing my first book. AAH! I TYPED IT! Reason being is so that I can stress a pressure on myself and set the expectations up high. I initially announced it to a few friends only and planned on stopping there. Then, I mentioned it to Anthony. He said he did the same thing with his permaculture project before it even started so he would look like a loser if nothing ever happened. Good idea. So here I am, broadcasting it in the public domain. Now I’d have to be prepared to lose my dignity if nothing ever happened. More information on the book to be shared later. I’m feeling the pressure already. Below are photographs documenting the work in progress.

pestle and mortar

Doing it the old school way with a pestle and mortar


Chocolate cake crust + dough, tempeh scramble, nut sauce (the best raw nut sauce ever tasted, and I made it!)

pumpkin curry soup

I'd be honest. I expected this to be whack, but what you do you know? It was actually good.


Persimmon kiwi cheesecake + Pandan pie. Pandan pie needs more work.


Zucchini pasta with marinated enoki mushrooms & garlic cream sauce


All hail to the tastiest dessert of the day: Jackfruit coconut soup

mosquito repellent plant

My work corner. Mosquito repellent plant comes in handy in rainy season.

  1. Wow your raw food looks AMAZING…. what an unusual combination…. persimmon and kiwi. Gotta try that one.

    • The kiwi was actually just an accident. I wanted to garnish the cake and kiwi came in handy, and they tasted good together. I suppose you can’t really go wrong with fruit combining.

  2. Awesome girl!!! The pandan pie and the enoki dish looks INSANELY good!!! Send an autographed copy my way!!!

    • The pandan pie looks good, but its needs a second go at sampling. A copy will be sure to go your way. Pressure…

  3. I like your idea of putting the book out here with expectations so you’re less likely to fail.

    That’s what I’m doing with just trying to be raw vegan. Put it out there so I can hold myself accountable, haha.

    I love your blog, and those dishes look amazing!

    • Indeed. It works. Well, so far it does.. The finishing line is still some length down =D
      So I see you are a 20-something overeater. Sounds like I am! Looking forward to checking up on your progress. *thumbs up*

  4. Hi Dom,
    I’m really glad I found your site. Your workout regime looks amazing. And I love it that you use a lot of tropical fruits in your recipes.
    I had cervical cancer and started a high raw vegan diet to reclaim my life.
    Your story is very inspirational to me.

    Keep up the awesome work!

    • aaakika
    • March 23rd, 2012

    Thanks for the great blog and the very inspiring food combinations! My dream is that once upon a time everybody will join us, raw vegans (my family at the first place would be a good beginning…) – don’t stop sharing your experiences and the photo’s, keep writing the book!!!

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