Facing Questions

The Face

There seemed to be a recurring pattern of reactions from people when I blurted the words ‘raw food’. First, there’d be genuine curiosity: “What is that? What do you eat?” I’d answer, “raw plant foods mostly, comprised of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds.” Then faces begin to pull, eyes widen, forehead skin rolls, bringing the inner point of eyebrows to the center of the face, line of the lips now slanted at an angle pushing one end up, accentuating the wrinkle line that separates the nose from the apple of the cheek. “Oh”. A short response hinted with a combination of sympathy and bewilderment. A ‘why?’ is probably floating somewhere in there, too.

“Why?” There it’s said. “You’re on a diet? You want to lose weight?”



Kidding. I never pause. I continue yapping on about enzymes, energy boost, the week that changed my life, and insist to them how much of a repulsive eater once was, once upon a time, and that the benefits of raw makes it all worth giving up.

It does help to explain your ground by knowing a little about the diet itself. But facts can only get so far in convincing certain kinds of people. I’m one of those guilty hardheaded ones that need self-proof in order to trust a principle. What will stand out more is you yourself as a raw by-product. People will notice the extra glow. It is evident. I stop trying to justify myself and set myself an example instead.


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