My Greatest Teacher

Uh Oh

My first week in the raw has to be hailed as THE historical event of my life. A memorable story I had told many people on repeated basis unfailingly without bore. Every fact and figure of diets and medicinal knowledge stored in the brain were deleted by the end of that week. Apart from band-aids and ointments for cuts and minor discomforts, antibiotics and medicinal pills no longer play doctor in fixing me up.

In all honesty, I initially didn’t take notice at the shift of energy I suddenly had. What I did remember was one morning that mid-week I stepped out of my apartment building at Devonshire Street in starting the day with an oddly good feeling. A burst of mellow happiness and a sense power in every step I took. My suspicions were not at raw foods at the time, I was expecting the results to be long and coming. Unusually good day, I thought. A couple of days later, my body refused any more detoxification and fought out a craving for the junkiest foods. I listened. That day, I must have had a full house junk party of burgers, fries, chips, and the whole shebang. I fell fast asleep like a baby following the food coma.

I woke up the next day, unprepared, to the worst feeling imaginable. Acute hangover times one hundred and ten. I opened my eyes in the dark to adjust. I then attempted to hoist myself up and found every inch of my body unco-operating in stiffness. I fell back down to the bed. What was this I was lifting? It felt as if my body had been wrapped in an extra set of immensely heavy weight bags. No headaches, just heavily disoriented. I struggled for the next ten to fifteen minutes trying to piece myself together and comprehend what just happened. When I finally made sense of it, my life just changed.

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