Enzymes Basic


Raw Food 101: Enzymes

“Cooking destroys Enzymes”

That is the recurring underlying statement that echoes around raw and live food principles, but the claim still lacks pivotal understanding that is extremely important.

Most of us know the role of enymes in digesting foods—but a more important fact lies in its production in the human body, which makes the consumption of raw foods a perfect sense in body repair and healing.

There are two types of Enzymes chemistries:

  1. Exogenous. Found in all raw meats, plants, and dairy foods. Nuts and seeds excluded in which case they require germination to activate their enzymes.
  2. Endogenous. Produced by the human body.

The more enzymes supplied by raw food, the less the pancreas has to supply for digestion, allowing endogenous enzymes to be utilized for body maintenance and repairs.

Enzyme levels also deteriorate by age, making replenishment even more crucial. The more lavishly a young body gives up its enzymes, the sooner the state of enzyme poverty, or old age is reached. That is how Dr. Edward Howell put it in his words. In direct conversational English, it’s saying: the more you fix your body with cooked and junk without enzyme refills, the sooner you put body in deep s***.

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