Transitioning: Finding Balance

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Raw 101: A Word on Transitioning

I still cheat; I’m woman enough to admit—and no I don’t encourage this practice on human monogamous relationships. If, like me, your life diet had been much made up of modern food consumptions, the long-haul transition will not necessarily be easy. You may tend to fall off the wagon every once in a while and that’s perfectly fine. Be it cravings or social engagements you need to fulfill, listening to your body is forgivable. There is no pressure for 100% commitment. You may never find comfort in the 100% path and if that happens, the path should not be pursued. What’s a well body without a mind equally well?

The notion here is to find your balance. What your body wants will fluctuate in some days and gradually learn from it. It’ll learn from a bad day when you succumb to the temptation of a KFC bucket and create a new conditioning association that will tempt you less on your next encounter. It’ll also learn from a good day of pure raw day intake that will remind you the good feeling when you are torn between a cheeseburger and an apple. Sometimes the apple will win, and some other times, the double double cheeseburger will taunt its triumph for the rest of the day until the moment you close your eyes.

You will also learn over time that when your body has been fueled with so much of the good stuff, a humble amount of non-raw indulging is fully manageable. Find your balance, and learn to identify your limits.

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    • BJ
    • October 17th, 2009

    If you are craving a cheeseburger.. take a minute and figure out what nutrients are in that, that your body is wanting. Usually it needs concentrated protein. You can make real tasting meatballs out of walnuts and pecans, you can made cheese subs out of fermented seeds and nuts… etc etc. Try eating these and seeing if your craving goes away. YOU can finish it with a bite or two of a raw carob or cacao mouse or pudding made with stevia to complete the experience and make you feel full, sastisfied and pampered.. without the ill effects of the cheeseburger. BE CREATIVE ~

    • I agree with the trying to replace the craving with something else. It does help sometimes. Though I believe in some cases where one suffers a hypereating disorder, it presents a much more complicated circumstance. The approachable solution is more psychological conditioning than a mere fulfillment of craving satiation. A book I read, The end of overeating by David Kessler, MD comprehensively talked about these problems. A diary entry I posted yesterday was another one of those weak moments I couldn’t seize control over, but as I’ve mentioned I learn from every fallback. I start to condition myself to give in less frequently from the unpleasant effects of non-raw consumptions.

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