Meet Mr. And Mrs. Raw


Raw 101: Introduction

If you brought yourself to land on this page, congratulations. You are about to be introduced to a world of cuisine, that if you read on and allow yourself a few days to sample, will invigorate your mind and body with health so abundant, you might bring yourself to an emotional divorce to cooked and processed foods. They’ve been with you for the most part of your life and you love them to bits, but you will realize that they aren’t The One for you after all—that there is a more loving significant other capable of devoting its life to maintaining your wellbeing in a first-class state.

For once and for all, no more fights. Your antibodies will win unfailingly every single time. No more illnesses, fatigue, or drowsiness; just continuous flow of pure energy. A natural so high, it’s a lifelong honeymoon. There’s one parcel of happiness for the mind taken care of. You will also wake up to mornings—or nights, with ease to good daily beginnings. No struggle there either.

Sounds like one of those alluring adverts selling a lifestyle. Only difference is, this one doesn’t lie and warrants a result. Take my word on that.

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    • Dauntless
    • November 18th, 2009

    Beautifully put… Raw is the tool our bodies need to heal themselves of every ailment. I have seen it, lived it, and believe it for others.

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