Pole is up! Big, big smile.

Dearest Pole

I figured I might as well buy one since I’d be away from one at home for a little while longer. I subscribed to Pole Dance Allure 1-month membership so I could get my daily fix of the pole play, but that one month is up (the owner was kind enough to freeze the account while I traveled for 3 weeks) and I miss moments when I would spontaneously decide to give the pole a spin after careful calculations on the possibility of a posture that might, just happen this time, only to find that you still are, not strong enough and fail; but it’s ok. There’s still tomorrow morning following the sleep that’d help me regain some muscle strength and wake up to a souvenir batch of bruises .

Off I went purchasing another pole, and this time I got the Kendra Wilkinson Sport Pole by X-Pole.

Pole review: Yes, it is another one of those celebrity-endorsed product whereby the endorsee is almost utterly irrelevant to the product. However I hear that preceeding the endorsement, Kendra did manage to pick up a few moves on the pole. The vertical piece of metal is an addictive toy after all. Anyway, the pole is an X-Pole, which leads in the pole manufacturing industry that engineers the most robust and beautiful looking poles available in market. So, it IS a good pole.

In comparison to the original X-Pole. The Kendra pole is $50 cheaper, smaller, more portable (though it is still heavy), and very, very easy to install. The new mechanical structure enables bottom loading; no more ladders and clumsy, awkward postures from you trying to get it standing straight. The downsides are: 1) no spinning mode, only static. 2) the locking nut is visible, it has no covering. so that limits your hand spins to end just above the locking nut.


As you can see from the photograph, there is evidence of improvisation in raising the floor 3 hardcover books up. The pole wasn’t long enough for ceiling and there was no bloody way I’d wait for an extension to be ordered for Pete’s sake. I meditated over it overnight and the lightbulb lit. The minute I woke up, I gathered 3 thick Economic syllabus books from my sister’s bookshelf, a handbag’s protection bag, huffed and puffed in setting up the pole all by myself. An extra pair of hands would’ve been useful but what I didn’t have was the patience to wait for someone to wake up and help me. The excitement was uncontainable, I could have exploded. Anyway.. by doing what I did, I risked in smashing the TV apart should I lose balance of the pole while setting it up and fall over. The TV is still in one piece, thank you very much dear God. And how happy am I my designer brain is still tock-ticking.

Enthusiasm can make people do ambitious stupid dangerous things.


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