Ani Phyo at BLD

ani phyo et moi

It was a sunny Sunday afternoon in LA and I almost took a pass on lunch with my sister and her friends. I had already filled up on munching the freshly made successful-first-attempts corn chips and onion bread; but it’s a nice day out so I thought what the heck, just get your ass outside. We drove to BLD restaurant on Beverly Boulevard, and there in view, sat Ani Phyo while we were being ushered to our table. PSYCHED! Her book, Ani’s Raw Food Kitchen, in my possession, is pretty much a battered up poor looking book; few pages coming loose, drips of sauces and wet patches here and there, post its, and the curled-out corners of its page cover, it’s been with me since mid 2007 and I’ve used it like a bible. 

Another funny thing, I had sent her an email a couple of weeks back just trying my luck to see if there is any slight chance she has spare time to meet a fan all the way from Indonesia. Her assistant replied confirming her busy schedule with her upcoming book tour a week later. And the following week, there we were under one roof at the same time! I’m telling you The Secret is very a powerful tool. I think I’ve mastered it. No, really. 

So I waited for her to finish her meal (I asked my sister who sat in good view of her to report progress), stood up and made my way over like an eager NBA fan approaching Kobe Bryant. We chit chatted for a short while, she introduced me to her lunch companion, brother Max, I shared a brief chapter of my life story, experiences and prospective resolutions, yada yada, and parted with goodbyes just by the time her dessert plate arrived. I suppose I’d see her again on September 3rd for her tasting and demo at Erewhon (nowhere spelled backwards).


  1. it was really nice to meet you too lovely! thanks for saying hello, and for the sweet post. did you check out Erewhon’s raw section yet? hope to see you on the 3rd! 5-7pm.

      • paretoraw
      • August 25th, 2009

      It was a pleasure to meet you! I went to Erewhon, alright. I just had a quick browse through and go back there alone, because I can spend the whole day reading every item. I shall see you on the 3rd! Looking forward to it.

  2. okay, awesome, see you on the 3rd at Erewhon.
    If you’re still around you should try to come to Oaklahoma City for the big opening celebration at 105Degrees, sat Oct 3rd, 1-5pm. it will be another great event, and Matthew will be there too, of course.

      • paretoraw
      • August 27th, 2009

      105 + Matthew + Celebration would be a to-die-for episode. I was actually just on their website moments ago, but my plane ticket expires on September 26th and I’d have to be out of the US by then. So close! 😦

      I guess the closest thing I’d get to experience one of Matthew’s accomplishments this summer is by dining at Pure Food & Wine this September. *sigh*

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