Leaf Organics, Los Angeles.

Leaf Organics


Leaf Organics

11938 W Washington Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90066

(310) 390-6005





Falafel wrap, rawchos, chocolate truffle


Rawchos, great. 

Chocolate truffle, great taste. Not so great value, the thing was tiny.

Falafel wrap was slightly disappointing. It was a wrap dish the server recommended. What I did not like about the wrap was more of the composition imbalance rather than taste. The wrap came in over an inch thick of layering greens (a bit much), and falafel paste in the middle (which tasted fine).  

From a non-raw-vegan perspective, it’s like eating a chicken wrap sandwich with an inch thick tortilla wrap as an outer layer. You wouldn’t be able to enjoy the heart of the dish with that much distraction.

It was edible for me mainly because as a raw vegan (at most of the time), I have started to see living food as fuel over anything else. If this wrap served no beneficial body-fuel purposes, I would have dropped it back to my plate upon the first bite. 

It was also expensive considering very little creativity and labour were put into making the wrap.  For the price, it would be more valuable to receive a “homemade” flax/corn dehydrated wrap sheet + shredded vegs  or stringy greens (i.e. alfalfa sprouts), to add texture variety, on top of the blended falafel paste.

My rating may be unfairly given considering I’ve only tasted 3 things out of the whole menu, or perhaps my visit coincide with the chef’s bad day. Nevertheless, based on this experience alone and the probability of not returning in the future, I’d have to give it a 3 out of 5. I’m trying Cru next!


Note: I’ve just checked their website and toggled through their photographs. The wraps pictured look nothing like what they served in the restaurant. Pictured: 2 sheets of green wrapping + lots of filling; The real deal: 10-sheets of green wrapping + little filling.



  1. Thanks for the short review Dom! I’ve been wanting to try this place, and it’s pretty close to where I live as well. I’m not really into the whole raw movement, but will try a few things here and there. I love my meat too much to adopt something like that as a new lifestyle. I like your blog by the way!

    • paretoraw
    • August 25th, 2009

    Well if it isn’t Chantalle! Believe me, if you had known me well before, you wouldn’t find anyone who could love food the way I did and eat the way I did; even my dad got sickened by it. It was a long transition (2 years?), but gradually my body just doesn’t want to put as much crap anymore. It’s much easier when your body’s in control over your mind when it comes to food.

    If you want to try a raw place, try Cru. I haven’t tried it, but will try to find time for it soon.


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