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Lisa & Mario, Big Brother UK

Lisa & Mario, Big Brother UK

I flew out of home for a nice little break in Hong Kong last week. It was my first trip away from any raw tools at home where I was determined to stay as much raw as I could; especially after learning the facts of my last post, I’ve gone a tiny bit obsessive-compulsive in keeping my enzymes level “stable”. I was near panic when I thought I was going to be short on raw for half of the day flying. This was what happened: 


It takes 1 1/4 hours to fly from Jakarta to Singapore and 3 hours and some from Singapore to Hong Kong. Our connecting flight was initially scheduled enough time apart for a leisure transit, during which I had planned to drop a visit to the airline lounge to amp up on fruits and salads. In-flight meals are rarely raw; I had 5 flight hours ahead of me, plus 2-3 hours to settle comfortably before I could find myself a raw meal. But the first flight ended up getting delayed, leaving very little transit time for my fuel-up plan. I was almost panicking and rushing to the airline lounge as soon as I landed in Singapore. I needed those fruits!! My mom couldn’t understand what the big deal was.. I literally feared losing my energy. I did manage to have enough time to scoff down some papaya, watermelon, and pineapple in the last minutes before making my way to the gate. I never behaved like that towards food and for that specific reason. 


Note: I still ate the in-flight meals. About half of them and half-heartedly. Part of me was emotional eating them. There is still a stubborn habit inside of me where I have to eat whenever and wherever food is being served. Another part of me feared the downing feel afterwards, so I put an end to it halfway. 


Some people might say I overreacted in the situation; but I am happy to now have such preference of food for my body.  I broke completely free from my addiction to tastes of cooked foods. Although I don’t give them up completely in my diet, I no longer feel the need to have to eat something uncontrollably to simply savor the short moments of taste. They often come with guilt to your thighs too! The only motivation to stop overeating then was to prevent weight gain. That reason has now shifted to maintaining my mind and body in their first class state. I love it!!



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